Featured Show

Nov 16-20 . Parish Hall at St Paul's

Trifles by Susan Glaspell 
Directed by Annie Miners
Cast: Rebecca Gleason, Jeanne Tindel,
John McDonald, Don Bearden, and Bob Rowand
The Game by Louise Bryant
Directed by Deb Kik
Cast:  Deborah Jacobson, Mathias Malof,
Morgan Fraga, and John Van Norden
Woman’s Honor by Susan Glaspell 
Directed by Alicia Merel
Cast:  John Van Norden, Don Bearden, Joan Sullivan, Maria Schmitt, Marisa Faraldo, Monique Griffin, Diane May, Donna Stabile
Illuminati in Drama Libre by Alice Gerstenberg
Directed by Rebecca Tomlinson
Cast:  Alicia Merel and Don Bearden
The Rescue by Rita Creighton Smith
Directed by Karen Leonard
Cast:  Karen Grant, Susan Butler, Deborah Snelgrove
The 12 Pound Look by James M Barrie
Directed by Richard Grusin
Cast:  Ellen Rickert, Stephanie Miller, Traci Reynolds, John McDonald
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