Hate Mail, reprised
​Fringe Theater Key West announces the return of its summer sensation! This hilarious and off-beat play is a love story, of sorts. It’s a reminder that all’s fair in love, war, and letter writing. Star-crossed lovers, Preston and Dahlia, begin their exchange of letters and notes in a rather antagonistic setting. Still their journey takes them through friendship, love, and loss.  Their road is just a bit more treacherous than most.
The play features the very funny Pony Charvet and Susannah Wells as the love-torn duo whose fast-paced and sardonic story is at the heart (so to speak) of the show.  Pianist Michael Robinson provides the musical backdrop for the show, a theatrical feature unique to this Key West production.
“We wanted to continue Fringe Theater’s tradition of taking audiences to unexpected venues, so we chose Little Room Jazz Club, which is a great place for great music,” explains Rebecca Tomlinson, the plays director and the Artistic Director of Fringe.  “So adding music to the play seemed a logical extension of presenting a show in a jazz club.”

“Music can make the words come alive – especially in a reading,” Robinson explains. “The pacing, the mood shifts, even the setting itself can really be impacted by the right song.”
‘Hate Mail’ runs Feb 2-5 at 7pm.  The club’s live music schedule will take the stage at 9pm each performance nights. Tickets are $25 and are available at www.fringetheater.org or by calling 305-731-0581.