Our History
​In 2009 a small group of theater enthusiasts decided Key West was ready for something new.  They envisioned a theater "of the people by the people" and so they called it The People's Theater of Key West.  The collective became a 501 (c)(3) and under the leadership of Connie Hurst, Tammy Shanley, Chris Tittle, and Judy Hadley, the group produced plays, held workshops, and regularly presented improvisations.
In 2011, Monnie King was asked to lead the fledgling organization. She reorganized the group and adopted a new name – Fringe Theater Key West.
For the next five seasons, Fringe Theater produced iconic theater with an emphasis on education, enrichment, and of course, entertainment!  As the organization’s Producing Artistic Director, Monnie spent countless hours creating a theater company that specialized in “immersion” theater.  As the President of the Board, Peter King worked to ensure Fringe’s future.  Leading a dedicated group of volunteers, patrons, and audience members, Monnie and Peter helped Fringe to become an integral part of Key West’s theater community.
In April of 2016, the Kings announced their decision to retire. “We are so proud of what Fringe has become, and we will enjoy watching what Fringe will be next,” Monnie announced at Fringe’s 2016 gala.

​ Janet Bengel was elected as President, and the board invited Rebecca Tomlinson to become Fringe Theater’s Artistic Managing Director.  “We’re building on the amazing legacy Monnie and Peter have left us,” shared Janet Bengel.  “Thanks to them, our future looks bright!” 
​​​After 5 years of guiding Fringe Theater Key West, Monnie and Peter King retired.  Their work with Fringe was celebrated at the annual gala in May 2016.  (Picture L to R: Monnie King, Judy Hadley, Tammy Shanley, Peter King, and Janet Bengel)