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Thank you to the Monroe County Tourist Development Council and the Florida Keys Council of the Arts for their support.
2015-16 Season
Blithe Spirit by Noël Coward

Directed by Peter King
Parish Hall of St. Paul's Church  
CAST: Kitty Clements, Caroline Taylor,   Justin Ahearn, Tony Konrath,  Tammy Shanley, Vanessa McCaffrey, Bridget Chebo
​Photos by Larry Blackburn
2015-16 Season​​
The Lion in Winter by James Goldman

Directed by Rebecca Tomlinson
Sanctuary at Paul’s Church 
CAST: Peter King,  Lisa Elena Monda,  Jeremy Hyatt,  John Reynolds, Michael McCabe, Annie Miners, Kaleb Smith
​Photos by Larry Blackburn
2015-16 Season​​
The Apple Falls by Monnie O. King

Directed by Dennis Zacek
Parish Hall of St. Paul's Church 
CAST: Richard Grusin, Rebecca Gleason, Tammy Shanley, Melody Moore, L. John Van Norden, Amber Hernandez, Neal Ruchman, Deborah Snelgrove, Joe Mitchell
​Photos by Larry Blackburn
2014-15 Season
Private Lives by Noël Coward

Directed by Peter King
Key West Theater
Cast:  ​ Jessica Miano Kruel, Justin Ahearn, Quincy Perkins, Caroline Taylor, Kitty Clements
​Photos by Roberta DePiero
2014-2015 Season
Conch Republic, the Musical
Music by Gayla D. Morgan
Book by Monnie O. King

Directed by Rebecca Tomlinson
San Carlos Institute
Cast:  David Black, Tony Konrath, Laurie Breakwell, Billy Cartledge, Kyle Caskey, Michael McCabe, Annie Miners, and JB McClendon
Photos by Ralph de Palma
2013-2014 Season
Key West Characters

Key West Firehouse Museum
"Bum Farto Returns" written by Tony Konrath and Vanessa McCafrey
"Marion Stevens Runs Wild" written by Toby Armour
Cast:  Ben Harrison, Janeen Gracer, Tammy Shanley, Kitty Clements, Ross Pipkins, Peggy Montgomery, Joanie Sullivan
Photos by Roberta DePiero

2009 - 2011 Season
The People's Theater

with Connie Hurst, Tammy Shanley, Chris Tittle, and Judy Hadley

The Night of January 16
At Last Light
Apocalyptic Butterflies

Shout out to Connie Gilbert, whose death left Key West's artist and feminist community  a little quieter and dimmer than it had been.