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Looking for the perfect way to kick-off the annual Conch Republic Independence Celebration? We've got it! 

Don't know the story of how the Conch Republic was born?  We've got that, too!

It's an unbelievable yet (mostly) true story of the very real (economic) threat that arose in 1982 when the federal government began treating the Florida Keys as though it was a foreign nation.  Key West responded in-kind and seceded from the United States! Conch Republic (Re-Visited) is directed by JB McLendon with Bernadette Restivo, Arthur Crocker, Mathias Maloff, and Rhett Kalman tackling the 21 roles required to tell the story. "We've got a lawyer, pirate, bartender, and pie peddler telling this year's Conch Republic tale," the director  jokes. "It's the perfect storm."​

Tickets are $35 for this limited-run of only four nights.

Thank you to everyone who made our 'Casablanca White Night on White' party such a wonderful success! 

Photos by Larry Blackburn
We are especially grateful to our board president, Janet Bengel and her wonderful husband, Charlie, for creating our Casablanca evening.