About Us

Legend has it that the concept of a "fringe theater" was born in 1947 when eight theater groups, unable to gain admission to the prestigious Edinburgh International Festival, performed anywhere they could. Today hundreds of Fringe Theater Festivals and thousands of Fringe Theater companies exist throughout the world.

In 2011, Fringe Theater Key West joined those ranks! We follow the tradition of fringe theatrical troupes by being a “point of entry” into the theater world for people who used to do theater, always wanted to do theater, are looking forward to the new experience of doing theater!  Our vision is to create theater that is intriguing, diverse, and affordable. 


We hope you will find a way to become a part of the Fringe experience. 

Fringe Folk

Janet Bengel, president

Sue Lynch, treasurer

Jim Argoudelis, secretary

    with board members 

Glenda Donovan, John White

Remembering Charlie Allen please click here

Managing Artistic Director: Rebecca Tomlinson 
Technical Director: Don Lynch 
Our Crew: Charlie Bengel, Kelton Skipper, Jim Beyl
Stage Manager: Samantha Messier and Zach Franchini
Board Op: Su Nubia and Daashia Cochran
Light Design: Kendall Cameron
Sound Engineer: Daashia Cochran
Videography: Aramis Ikatu, Daashia Cochran, Su Nubia
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