Videos Due: May 31 2022

Ready to audition? It's easy! Grab your phone and video yourself. 1-2 minute monologue. Read or Memorized. Then email your video to or text to 305-731-0581.

File too big to email? Send via

Calling all Actors, Used to be Actors, and Wanna be Actors! Fringe is holding our Auditions for next season (2022-23). How can Fringe hold auditions when we haven’t announced a season? We’d like to know who is out there!  So prepare a 1-2 minute monologue. Video it with your phone. Hit Send!

Want to Learn to Audition?
We can help! Sign up for our workshop on May 23. We'll cover the 
Do & Don't Audition List. We'll even make sure you know the basics of lights, mics, and staging of your selfie-monologue video.
Bring your audition monologue and we'll work with you on it! We will even video your monologue. All of this at no cost. Just SIGN UP for our workshop by emailing us at 
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