by Stephen Dietz

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Directed by Glenda Donovan

Starring Don Bearden & Wende Shoer and Uaa Red and               Dora Thompson

What interesting times we live in! Monday morning, the decision was made by the Fringe Board and the City of Key West to postpone the opening of Bloomsday -- which had been scheduled to run March 17-21 on city property at the Frederick Douglass Gym. 

We contacted our patrons to let them know their options: a refund, a credit for a future show, or a letter of donation. We had a very teary meeting with the cast and crew, to let them know that Bloomsday would not open. But then an idea: Why not run it one more time and present it live -- on Facebook. No, we had no idea what the heck we were doing, but that's never stopped us before!


So Monday night we performed Bloomsday ... and hundreds of people watched. Virtually. It was such a crazy exciting event for us. (And is still available on our Fringe Facebook page ... for now.) A morning of tears was transformed into a one of a kind creative community experience. We ended the night with hearts filled with joy. And gratitude. 


So, dear community, please know that we've got more ideas for entertaining you over the weeks ahead. We're going to take you places ... in a whole new way. Stay tuned. Be well. 


--Janet, Rebecca, and the Fringe Crew


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