Fringe Friday 

Eleventh Edition: May 29-June 4 2020

Thank you Lisa Elena Monda, Richard Quint, Stephanie Miller, and Ross Pipkin

Tenth Edition:
May 22-28 2020

Thank you

Don Bearden and Richard Quint

Ninth Edition: May 15-21 2020

Thank you Ross Pipkin, Francesca Silva, Richard Quint, Lauren Thompson, Don Bartolone, and Samantha Messier

Eigth Edition: May 8-14 2020

Thank you Lisa Elena Monda, Ross Pipkin, Su Nubia, Glenda Donovan, Richard Quint, Mathias Maloff, Zach Franchini, and Bob Bowersox with Melody Moore

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Fringe Theater is Key West's community focused theater.  We create unique opportunities for people to see and do theater! As a 501(C)(3), we choose our shows to enrich, educate, and entertain our community and those who visit us!

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