workshop facilitated by Susan Jennifer Polese
readings directed by Mathias Maloff
Best Laid Plans,
written by Melissa Aull
Bob Bowersox and Zach Franchini
Chef Alex and Francesca Silva
Don Bearden and Richard Quint
Melody Moore and Susannah Wells
Mathias Maloff
A Short Play with the Virus,
by Richard Quint
Carolyn Cooper, Su Nubia, and Dora Thompson
Neighborly, by Julie Cuneo
Vanessa McCaffrey, and Mathias Maloff
Excerpts from 
Awful but Cheerful, by Malcolm Willison
Wende Shoer, Glenda Donovan, Mathias Maloff, and Wilhelmina Lopez-Martin

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Reel Housewives of Key West, by Melissa Aull
Erin McKenna, Lauren Thompson, Samantha Messier, Heather May, Aramis Ikatu
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