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This show is not intended for children, the humorless, or overly sensitive souls. It is filled with Wicked Fun, Adult Language,  Adult Themes, and Soft Shoe. COVID PROTOCOL: Our performance venue has been set-up for about 65% capacity, which means we can arrange our seating with plenty of room between rows. In addition, we require MASKS AT ALL TIMES IN THE THEATER for our performance of DIVA. Please help us ensure that the show can go on, by cheerfully following our guidelines. Or take it up with Guy Downstairs.

Written by SP Monahan
Music & Lyrics by Alexander Sage Oyen
Director Rebecca Tomlinson 
Music Director
 Roberta Jacyshyn 
Starring Zachary Franchini
with hell's stage manager Wende Shoer

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Clever. Fun. And Deliciously Wicked

This is a flaming hot cabaret presented -- live from Hell. Murder. Mayhem. And a little soft shoe create an inventive evening of musical theater. We will meet Desmond Channing who stars nightly in his own cabaret revue. The twist? He's in hell. Is this the night he works out his redemption? DIVA is the story of a musical theater major gone bad. It's a fast-paced coming of age story that is   "wickedly fun." 

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Design Team: Kendall Cameron, Aramis Ikatu, and Su Nubia  

Followspot: Amber Nolan

Construction Team: Don Lynch & Charlie Bengel

At All Times

Masks Required

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