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Fringe Theater presented the world premiere of this musical by our own Don Bearden. This workshop performance featured Luke Fox, Rhett Kalman, Belle Jampol, and Rosie Mayne with David Black, Vanessa McCaffrey, Mathias Maloff, Carolyn Cooper, John Reynolds, Martha Hooten, and Arthur Crocker creating the support ensemble. 
Music and Book Written by Don Bearden
Directed by Cameron Murray
Musical Direction by Vincent Zito
Choreography by Carolyn Cooper
Set and Light Design by Jules Conn
Performed April 2019 at the Key West Theater

It's About Time

Its About Time asks the age-old question “Does perfect love (or perfect casting) exist?” Two young theater producers prepare to open a play in the old Belasco Theatre in New York, but they can’t agree on the right leading lady. They discover a time-traveling key inside the old Belasco theater and soon find themselves “back in time” alongside a vintage version of the perfect leading lady. Can true love stand the test of time? Can their new play open on time? 

Click Here to Watch . Password is TIME



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