an evening Lost with
Lillian Baxter
with John Vessels &
Jay Schwandt

Dec 26-31 . 7pm

Little Room Jazz Club . 821 Duval 



John Vessels and pianist Jay Schwandt bring back the widely popular and greatly loved Lillian Baxter. This is their third rendition of the Lillian Baxter saga.  

All New Show!

Doors open at 6pm to give you plenty of time to order a tasty adult beverage and delicious appetizers at Little Room. 

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What's new in Lillian's Life? Our 1960s TV icon has just had her show cancelled.

Boo Hoo! What’s an"everything's coming up roses" girl to do? Industrial musicals, game shows, sitcoms, and Broadway for a start! Lillian reminds us that what is lost can always be found.



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