Shakespeare Shorts

Produced by Fringe Theater Key West

in conjunction with the Florida Keys Council of the Arts, The Dogwood Foundation, the Hunter Ward Foundation, and Fringe Supporters like Frank &  Mary Lou Anelante

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This video is provided to the teachers and students of the Monroe County School System as part of our Shakespeare in Schools program. Please email comments and feedback to The Video Password is HearYe

Our Actors

Don Bearden, Su Nubia, Wayne Dapser, Ross Pipkins, Richard Quint, Zachary Franchini, Glenda Donovan, Bob Bowersox,

Melody Moore, Wende Shower,

Stephanie Miller, Carolyn Cooper

Our Team

Program Director, Don Bearden

Videography Director, Aramis Ikatu

Light Design, Kendall Cameron

Sound Engineer, Su Nubia

Fight Coordinator, Mathias Maloff

Stage Manager, Samantha Messier

Production Manager, Rebecca Tomlinson

Shakespeare Shorts

As You Like It  

(:23) Don Bearden


(3:00) SuNubia, (5:00) Wayne Dapser, (7:00) Ross Pipkin


(10:50) Heather May & Mathias Maloff

(11:50) Richard Quint & Zach Franchini

A Midsummer Night's Dream

(14:40) Bob Bowersox, Glenda Donovan, Melody Moore

Merchant of Venice

(23:26) Wende Shoer

Julius Caesar

(26:44) Stephanie Miller

Taming of the Shrew

(31:48) Mathias Maloff & Carolyn Cooper

Curtain Call: Hamlet's Skull Speech

(33:48) Cast and Crew of Shakespeare Shorts

Photography by Su Nubia