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Have a Shakespeare monologue or scene you've always wanted to perform? 

Send us your proposal and a
1 minute selfie audition video

We're putting together another online collection of performances -- this one will be based on the works of The Bard himself. You and a friend always wanted to perform the sword fight from Romeo and Juliet, or maybe it's Hamlets 'to be or not to be' speech that holds appeal. Want to ignore gender? Great. Want to give a new take on an old work? Fab. Have no idea what you want? We can work with that, too. 


Just video yourself performing (or reading) a one-minute Shakespeare monologue and send it to us -- along with your contact info and whatever you want us to know about how you'd like to be involved. Proposal and Video due by Jan 30. Email to info@fringetheater.org


*if your video is too big, use wetransfer.com*

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