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Part One & Two

Toby Armour celebrates the arrival of the railway to Key West on January 22, 1912 with her two-part radio play. The play contrasts the lives of the passengers who rode the train in 1912 and 1924.  Much had changed in the world during those 12 years --  the Great War, loss, and rumors great changes to come. But the train still ran. Cast includes Wayne Dapster, Diana Heller, Richard Quint, Mia Schmitt, and Karen Grant. Sound score by Alicia Merel. Su Nubia sound engineer and Keith Banning recording engineer.  (Recorded and Aired January 2022)

Part Three

Playwright Toby Armour concludes the Wonder of the World radio series with the third and final installment. Part Three tells the tumultuous and tragic story of the 1935 Hurricane that brought to an end the era of the Railroad. Wonder of the World, Part Three, produced in partnership with Fringe Theater and Island Radio, stars Wayne Dapser, Diana Heller, Merle Dimbath, Richard Quint, and Mia Shawn. The show’s production team included Aramis Ikatu, Su Nubia, and Alicia Merel with Keith Banning as the radio play’s sound engineer. (Recorded Nov 2022. Airs January 2023.

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