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Check it out .... Fringe Friday! 

Let us Take You Places ... While You're at Home

Fringe Friday Performance: TBD

See you next Friday for another (archival) show! We'll make the video available from Friday 7pm through Sunday at 10pm. 

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Third Edition: April 3 thru April 9 2020

The Selfie Video Monologue

Let's Dance!

Performance Art

Lyrics Out Loud

Unsung Lyrics of your favorite songs

Willow Midnight
Bare Facts from the Naked News Room

with newlywed anchors Aramis Ikatu and Su Nubia

Want to get in on the fun? Email or text your (3 min or less) Selfie Video Monologue or your Lyrics Out Loud video to (Don't have Rebecca's cell phone? Call the Fringe line to get it. 305-731-0581.  Large File? Use  Deadline Thursday of each week. 

Newlyweds Aramis Ikatu and Su Nubia

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Fringe Theater is Key West's community focused theater.  We strive to enrich, educate, and entertain our community and those who visit us! Fringe is a 501(C)(3).

Please remember to recycle, reuse, or appropriately dispose of all trash while visiting our island.   

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